Indian religious paintings: Three inevitable entities

Religious paintings are always important for all the civilizations as this particular domain speaks about the belief or the ideology that a community should have in order to communicate to the Almighty. In any temple, mosque, church or monastery you can find different artworks that describe the acts of deities or the pioneers of the religions. These artworks are really valuable to create a sustaining impression of the religious values and that’s why you can see a lot of stories depicted through those paintings. We all know that beautiful stories are easy to remember and religious stories are simply divine.

Indian especially he Hindu mythological stories are also great and these are perfectly connected to the artworks. Allow me to take you through three majestic icons that are the main sources of inspiration for Indian art.

Lord Krishna

The most eminent character of Indian mythology. Krishna was born to destroy Kangsha, his maternal uncle who was a savage ruler and famous for his tortures. Krishna killed him and made all the sufferers happy. Lord Krishna has one hundred and eighty names to be called by and various incarnations. In Indian mythology or the Hindu Purana the incarnations are considered as Avatar, the same word used in the movie made by James Cameron. Lord Krishna is associated with his lady-love Radha. In Sanskrit, Hindi and Bengali, Krishna means black. Ideally you can find two different versions of the idols. Black and blue. Mostly, when you see Lord Krishna with Radha, the icon is black and when he is alone, he is blue. The reason is love. When they are together, Krishna is a normal lover holding her hands and that’s why the color is the same as usual. When he is alone and thinking about Radha, he is blue. We all know the fact that the pain of love turns a person blue. You can find various paintings and frescoes that depict the heroic saga of Lord Krishna. These artworks will touch your soul and you would definitely feel a great peace.

Lord Ganesha

The God of prosperity and fulfillment. Probably the most popular hero of Indian mythology, The illustrious son Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the cutest deity amongst all. Ganesha enjoys a head that is similar to an elephant and of course a beautiful trunk. Most of the idols you see, would be having the trunks aligned in the left side of the body but there are exceptions too. The idols that have got the rightward alignment of the trunks are the most precious ones. People firmly believe that those are the luckiest mascots. You can see a cute, beautiful Lord Ganesha in my profile picture. The unframed painting on the wall behind me.

Lord Budhha

Peace, enlightment and sublimity. Lord Budhha was born in Kapilabastu, Nepal and when he started his journey, India became the most sought-after choice to promote his noble thoughts. Budhhism is very much famous in India and there is a complete Budhhist circuit in India which is a fantastic tourism destination. You can see various wall paintings in the monasteries and the pagodas and also he is a great inspiration to our Indian artists who create magic on canvas and papers. If you visit the North-Eastern part of India, you can be amazed by the paintings of Lord Budhha depicting the stories related to him. That would give youthe idea regarding the history of Budhhism. He showed the way of commitment and peace and still we all are following the same because end of the day our lives deserve to be fulfilled and sublime.


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